Who We Are


Since our founding in 2013, Studio S Architekts has been guided by our solid belief that beautiful architecture enriches people’s lives and provides an endless vision of distinction.

People are at the center of what we do. Focusing on our relationships, with clients and teams, helps us make the big seem small, more personal, and keeps us moving in the right direction. We work on residential and small commercial projects; starting at schematic design and working through construction administration.

We use SketchUp, Photoshop, AutoCAD, and Revit to produce a product the owner and client can be proud of.


Owner & CEO

Hollie Scott Sanchez

Hollie Scott Sanchez started Studio S Architekts as a way to continue her dream of design while also working on creating a family. She has a passion for excellence in architecture, and creating out of the box solutions to solve intricate design scenarios. Her persistence and attention to detail has allowed her to build her dream into a company that is compassionate to their clients and fulfilling to the people that work with her. Hollie grew up in Boerne, TX. and after graduating high school she attended Texas A&M University for her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Architecture. She enjoys the busyness of having a young family and her favorite food is Mexican food.
Project Manager

Maria Teresa

Maria is passionate about creating artificial spaces that enhance and embrace it’s natural surroundings. She also believes that spatial and environment awareness make for more meaningful architecture. Maria is originally from Mexico, moved to San Antonio, TX and received her Bachelor’s and Masters Degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She has been a part of Studio S Architekts team since 2017. Her favorite hobby is to sing karaoke at family BBQs and her favorite food is popcorn.
Architectural Designer

Richard Garza

Richard is a well-organized and passionate individual from Brownsville, TX with a strong affinity for Architecture and Design. From a young age, Richard demonstrated a natural talent for creating and designing, which he pursued through his academic and professional journey. Richard pursued his architectural studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio, dedicating six years to earn both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Architecture. Since 2022, Richard has been an integral part of the Studio S Architekts team, where he thrives on the collaborative process of bringing clients' visions to life. When not immersed in architectural projects, Richard enjoys engaging in DIY projects, taking photos, and trying out new and exciting coffee shops.
Architectural Designer

Luis Victoria

Luis Victoria is an aspiring architectural designer with a passion for creating innovative designs that captivate clients and enhance the built environment. Born in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Luis's journey led him to the United States, where he grew up in the vibrant city of Austin, TX.

Driven by a deep appreciation for the artistry and functionality of architecture, Luis embarked on his educational path at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he recently graduated as a first-generation student with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. His commitment to excellence and continuous growth has inspired him to pursue a Master's degree to further refine his skills and expand his knowledge in the field.

Luis Victoria recently joined the team at Studio S Architekts, and for the past six months, further honing his craft and expanding his knowledge. At Studio S Architekts, Luis collaborates closely with clients, translating their unique visions and aspirations to create their dream home.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Luis Victoria finds joy hiking the outdoors with friends, exploring restaurants, and spending time with friends and family.

Architectural Designer

Zayra Rico

Zayra is a highly motivated architectural designer who loves utilizing her creativity to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for homeowners. With an unmatched passion for design and a keen eye for detail, Zayra is committed to developing tailored architectural solutions that exceed her clients' expectations. Born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Zayra's passion for architecture led her to pursue studies in the United States. She completed her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Architecture from the University of Texas at San Antonio and has been a part of the Studio S Architekts team since 2020. Zayra enjoys amusement parks and adventurous activities such as riding roller coasters, hiking, and traveling. Her passion for creativity extends to laser-cutting projects, where she creates handcrafted objects that showcase her artistic talents. By having a mix of personal interests and hobbies, Zayra brings unique perspectives and insights to her work.