Almost a century ago, Alvar Aalto said,  “Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.”

Even though it’s close to 100 years later those words still ring true for architecture and design. 

Here at Studio S. Architekts we pride ourselves on bringing not only design and architectural services but passion and enthusiasm for the projects we work on. 

What sets us apart from other companies is our unique approach to design and implementation and the services we offer.

Who We Are

With the Studio S. Architekts’ office located in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX you can find us working in the Hill Country and surrounding areas. 

We are experts in the industry of designing and overseeing the planning and construction of luxury homes and businesses. 

Review our services below to see why we are the leaders in our industry and the top architecture firm in Central Texas and San Antonio areas.

Studio S. Architekts

Our Top Of The Line Services

We offer services for residential spaces and boutique commercial projects. No matter what your design idea we can help you turn it into reality.

Residential Properties

As experts in the industry Studio S. Architekts is always up to date on the latest trends in residential architecture.  We work on high end luxury projects small or large with a passion for transitional design. However, we also have great experience and expertise with modern and innovative design as well.

If you’re looking to create a one of a kind home, we can help you build it. From concept to design to implementation and construction we follow your project from bringing to end to ensure it is completed properly and to the highest quality standards. 

If you choose, we can work with contractors that we’ve partnered and built relationships with over the years which creates a cohesive environment built off of teamwork and trust.

Boutique Commercial Spaces

We never shy away from a project that gives us a chance to flex our design muscles. We’ve created office spaces, small businesses and rooftop bars for our clients all of which have great success. 

We love seeing our clients ideas come to fruition and enjoy the dynamics of small personal projects that allow us to create the perfect design.

3D Renderings

Do you need to create a realistic visual for marketing or investor meetings? Let us create an immersive experience for your audience by designing a 3D rendering of your design project. 

One of our recent projects was designing and creating a 3D rendering of the top floor of Boerne Public Library. We designed a light-filled space with complementary colors of blues and oranges that invoke a welcoming, sharp and modern environment. 

We also create 3D renderings for your home and commercial projects as part of the design and concept process. 

We utilize multiple forms of design software so that we can ensure your project or home design is viewed in the perfect light.

Interior Design

Our latest endeavor is showing to be one of the most popular services for clients is interior design.

You’ve built your perfect home or boutique space and now you have to design the inside and paint, tile wallpaper and then fill it with appliances, furnishings, decor and more. But where do you start? 

Start planning your interior while we plan the design of your home. Let the art and form come together and compliment each other.

Work With Studio S. Architekts

Let’s build your dream space and fill it with everything you’ve ever imagined. We are ready to partner with you to design, plan, implement and build your customized, luxury home right in your hometown

If you’re ready to start your project, connect with us today, we can’t wait to partner with you.

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