Are you looking to build a new home, renovate or build an addition onto your current home? Do you have an idea of what you’d like to do or are you hoping to hire an innovative and experienced architect to help you start from scratch and create your dream home?  

Choosing an Architect

At Studio S Architekts, we believe in being open and honest with our future clients in order to provide them the best possible service. 

It is vital to interview and review multiple candidates before committing to an architect.  This ensures that your vision will come to fruition and you’ll be happy in your newly built of renovated home. 


Questions to Ask Your Architect

During the interview process you’ll be discussing many different aspects of what you’d like to see added to your home design. You’ll also learn about their expertise, education and experience. While speaking with potential architects make sure to ask these 5 following questions.

Question 1: Ask for References

What to Ask: Can you provide me references for similar projects and projects you’ve completed in my area? Can you also provide me with contacts of who you’ve worked with? 

Before hiring anyone you always want to ask for references and reviews on their work. Speak with past clients as well as past contractors and other partners they’ve collaborated with. 

Once you have reviewed their references, you can narrow the field of who you want to work with. You’ll get to know their process, how they work and communicate and their overall experience with customers. This will help you decide if your personalities and ideas will match or clash. 

Question 2: Signature Style

What to Ask: Do you have a signature style or are you able to create a design based on different concepts and structures? 

If your architect sticks with a signature style, it might not be aligned with your current vision and idea for your home renovation project.

Question 3: Design Renderings

What to Ask: Do you provide 3-D models or renderings of the design? 

Make sure your architect is using the latest design technology to give you a realistic idea of what your project will end up looking like inside and out. 

Seeing it drawn out on paper is one thing, but being able to walk through a virtual rendering will give you peace of mind that you have hired the right person for the job. 

Question 4: Project Management

What to Ask: Who will manage my project once it’s onto the construction phase? Who will my point of contact be?

When your design is ready to move to construction and completion, you will want to speak directly to the person in charge of the project. Sometimes that is the contractor and sometimes that is the architect. 

Make sure to find out who this will be and if it is your architect, ask them the following question. 

Question 5: Recommendations

What to Ask: Do you work with specific construction companies or have other partnerships with contractors and builders? 

If your architect is going to be the point person on your project, they will usually offer recommendations on who else to hire for the project. Hiring people who have worked together before can mean that the project gets completed more quickly because they work cohesively as a team.

Work with Studio S

If you are in need of architects for a home design project in the San Antonio and Hill Country areas of Texas, Studio S Architekts is the architecture firm you are looking for.  We provide comprehensive residential architecture services as well as boutique commercial architecture projects. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and design software to create stunning renderings of your design project. We are with you from start to finish – design concept to finish touches. We even offer interior design consultations and services. 

If we seem like a match for your home design and renovation project, connect with us today to set up a consultation with our team!

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