Architectural Features of Luxury Homes in San Antonio, TX

When you are given the chance to build your dream home what do you imagine? 

With carte blanche on the way your home is designed and built, the sky’s the limit; but how do you figure out what features to add and what will keep your home looking luxurious for the next 50 years? 

Luxury homes are made to be functional and comfortable while exuding high quality craftsmanship, design and elegance. High quality materials used in a thoughtful way and intricately designed spaces are what makes a custom home luxurious. 

In past articles we’ve discussed top trends in residential architecture, top architect questions and what residential architects actually do. We believe in not only knowing about the latest architectural trends but also helping to inform and educate our future home owners on how to best build their dream homes. In today’s article we are highlighting the top architectural features seen in today’s luxury homes. 

Architectural Style

Usually when you think of building a home, you start thinking about how many rooms, what color you want the walls, but what about the actual style of the home? 

There are many different architectural styles available for your home including, contemporary, cottage, modern, colonial, craftsman, ranch, bungalow and more. 

As you decide the overall look of your home, you can discuss which style suits you best and creates a cohesive look for all your ideas. 

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Multi-Functional Outdoor Spaces

I’m warmer climates like you see here in San Antonio and other southern areas, homeowners are choosing to build functional outdoor spaces that mimic kitchens and living rooms. 

Outdoor spaces have always been a feature if luxury homes but it has taken a step further with the addition of state of the art technology and appliances  

The latest upgrade to this feature also includes creating a seamless transition from an indoor space with floor to ceiling glass doors that open up onto a patio filled with plenty of seating and an outdoor kitchen. 

Whether you are relaxing by the pool or hosting a party you can create the feeling of a beach getaway right in your own backyard with the right landscaping, appliances, technology and design. 

Discuss with your architect how to create a backyard oasis that fits with the design of your home. 

Discuss with your architect how to create a backyard oasis that fits with the design of your home. 

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Grand Entrances

Remember watching old movies and seeing the leading ladies glide down sweeping staircases that lead to grand entrances? That classic style has never gone away, but has been modernized to reflect the current times. 

Grand entrances are still a popular focal feature when it comes to luxury architecture and when you start the home build process the grand entrance will be the center at which all the rest of your home will be built around. 

If long, winding, dual staircases aren’t your style, your architect can help you design a grand entrance that fits YOUR architectural home style. 

You Dream It, We Design It

Here at Studio S. We are experienced and passionate residential architects who also specialize in boutique commercial design and interior design.

We want to create a space for you that is equal parts luxury and comfort. Luxury homes aren’t meant to be massive mansions with 17 rooms and unused space.  Luxury homes are also not to be thought of as “fast fashion” and only designed and built in conjunction with what is trending right now. 

These features we’ve highlighted above are timeless staples and are able to be modernized and upgraded to suit the current trends without compromising the overall architectural design. 

When you partner with us to build your luxury home, we combine our experience in architecture and our passion for interior design to create a space that will stand the test of time.  

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